Importance of backup systems for small businesses is in no way less, as compared to big companies. Small businesses also depend heavily on the computers for the data management. There are several examples of small businesses that lost all their valuable data because of computer failure and never returned to the scene again.

Every business generates critical data while conducting day to day activities.


The best way to come out of all these hazels is to implement automatic backup software which can take care of all the above policies.

How can we help you?

We can assist you to install and maintain all of your backup related needs in a prompt and very professional manner. We have already installed these kinds of systems at many places and have the required expertise to design the backup policies which suits your company needs, execute and implement the entire backup process and then monitor it. We believe that Backup is not a onetime solution it is a process. We need to keep on monitoring it so that we can get all the important files back when we really need it.

Backup is not a Product, it’s a Process

Data can be in form of:

  • Business Application Data i.e. Accounting Software, Inventory, Tally, ERP, CRM etc.
  • Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations i.e. Quotation, Communication with Clients, etc.
  • Emails, Communications, Contacts, Notes, To-Do List, Appointments etc.
  • Pictures of products, Digital Catalogues
  • Personal Data i.e. Photos, Music files, Video files etc.

How data loss occurs:

  • a physical failure of Hard Disk
  • power failure which can corrupt your data
  • virus attacks
  • accidental deletion
  • overwriting a new file with an old one
  • someone deleting necessary files deliberately to harm the organization

Lack of Systematic Backup Policy:

Small businesses do not have any backup policies in place because of which the following issues exists even if they are taking backups:

  • Backups are done at random and irregular intervals
  • Backups are done manually so there are chances of missing important files
  • Usually taken by a Copy Paste command so there is no verification of backup
  • None or rarely backups are taken from the Laptops of the Executives
  • Backups are not tested for integration by restoring it at regular intervals
  • Usually backups are non-encrypted and anyone who has the access to it can read or take away all of it
  • Backups are kept on-site and no off-site copies are kept
  • No multiple copies Daily, Weekly and Monthly are available